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Jammily Koury

Jammily Hadeed Koury was born in Amar, Syria in 1931 to Faris and Sarah Hadeed.  As a young woman, she moved with her mother to Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies to be with her five siblings and their families for several years.  There, she met Charles Abraham Koury of Allentown, PA and they were married in Trinidad at St. Theresa Church.  They lived in Allentown for a short time then purchased a new home in Whitehall Township, PA where they raised four children.  Charles passed in 1989, but Jammily remained in her home until her recent passing. 

This home is where her legacy started.  It became a place of immense hospitality open to all whether family or friend, and everyone was considered family. Her home was a sanctuary for many traveling from abroad and she gave them support, comfort, lodging, and nourishment during challenging times or happy occasions.  Everyone knew they could just drop in and be greeted by her warm smile and a banquet table of homemade and delicious foods that would somehow be prepared instantly.  She was an amazing cook, seamstress, gardener, and conversationalist who took interest and remembered every detail of the lives of those who entered her home and could recount stories from the earliest to recent times.  And, as in the Syrian custom and tradition, everything centered around food, cooking recipes, and sharing stories of love and life.

The door to her home was always open with a no-invitation policy so that she could enjoy the company of each visitor for hours. There was never a dull moment.  Whether happy or sad times, laughing or crying, she was intimately concerned with whatever her visitors were sharing.  Even during the 15 years, that she courageously endured tremendous illnesses and disability, she always kept the door unlocked so anyone could drop by unannounced and be greeted with the same warm hospitality and kindness that she felt were the most important qualities of a life well lived.  She often said that life without others, without the joy of relationships, was an empty life.  No person would ever by turned away, especially those in need.  She helped many Syrian families and most of her relatives assimilate to the United States by offering advice, food, clothing, and temporary shelter. Jammily had great love for her many nephews and nieces around the world and they reciprocated that love and always remained in touch with her as she was eager to hear about their changing lives.

She led a life that exhibited all the qualities of her devotion to Orthodox Christianity and what it means to truly be human.  She taught her children that life is about giving, not receiving, about caring about everyone you meet no matter what their position or condition in life; and that what matters most is to love all and make them feel welcomed.

Jammily’s unprioritized love for all is evident by the enormous number of calls and condolences we have received through this difficult time in history since her passing and for which we are so grateful.  She is survived by her loving children: Richard (wife Afaf), Joanne, Sharon Makhoul (husband Bassam), and Anthony; her five grandchildren whom she was so proud of: Charles-Chuck (wife Lara), Sarah Elias (husband Ghassan), Lauren, Josh Makhoul (wife Lexi), and Kaitlin Tilton (husband Ryan); and her five great grandchildren that brought her so much delight in her recent years: George, Mila, Joseph, Renee, and Esmé.

Our mother will be dearly missed as she was a woman of strength, dignity, godliness, and generosity unbounded by even her physical disability in the latter part of her life.  Her true legacy is the imprint she made in the lives of her children to live each day in godliness, truth, love, and hope for the eternal life with Jesus Christ. 

Funeral note: 

We are greatly saddened that in this difficult medical crisis in our history, we cannot honor our Mother as she truly deserves as we bless her to the eternal life.  Her funeral will be private due to the government guidelines that have been put into place at this time.  However, we ask you to join us in praying for our mother as we navigate this most challenging time in our personal experience and in the lives of all in our world who have suffered loss and serious illness.  This would give tribute to our Mother who loved everyone she had the pleasure of meeting.


In lieu of flowers, please offer your generous donations to any of the following on behalf of Jammily Koury and Family

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

1011 Catasauqua Ave

Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102

Church Office Phone: 610-439-1232

Church Office Email: [email protected]

 St. Luke’s Hospital of Allentown to help them continue the amazing care they provided to Jammily: https://www.slhn.org/development/ways-to-give/make-a-gift