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Kara Williams
Thank you so much for the wonderful celebration of life service you provided for my family and friends. Everyone involved was very friendly and made the situation easier to deal with because everything was handled professionally. Thank you so much for the special care you took for the young children and having the casket out the day before the funeral so they were a little bit more prepared the next day for their fathers funeral. We couldn’t ask for anything more than the respect you showed for all us in our time of grief. Thank you so much for everything you did to accommodate all of us throughout the grieving process.
Mary Walsh
Under especially difficult circumstances, Nic and his staff helped our family with the utmost compassion, patience and kindness. I would highly recommend this establishment.
Allan Nichols Sr
Nicos is a very professional, compassionate and friendly director! His funeral home is nostalgic, historic and very comfortable. All of my wife's visitors paying their last respects were impressed with Nicos and his assistant as well as the magnificent facilities! He is excellent in your time of bereavement!
Habib Yacoub
Elias funeral home worked well with me in making arrangements for my mom. The kindness and cooperation was so much more than I could have hoped for. The courtesy shown after all was done was a great surprise and comfort. Thank you!
Manny Cruz
They did a great Job with my cousin. Very caring
Diane Fegley
I’ve known Nicos through his extensive community involvement which made it that much easier to make the call no one wants to make to him. It was so much easier to entrust my Dad to someone we knew and trusted than to send him off to some unknown funeral home. He immediately went and got him from the hospital and assured us when he was in his care. I cannot recommend him enough in your time of need.
Noemi Torres
I highly recommend this beautiful place!. This is my second time having a loved one viewed. Nicos is very understanding very patient very knowledgeable overall extremely amazing. He and his wife make sure they go above and beyond to assist your needs. I can go on and on with compliments. This place to me doesn’t feel like an actual funeral home it feels like a home it’s beautiful inside. On behalf of myself as well as my extended family we want to thank you so much for your service . You guys are the best!
Kathy Teti
Nicos could not have be more compassionate and caring in helping us lay my husband to rest. He is the most sincere person and helped our family through the most difficult time of our lives.
Alison Copperthwaite
When my grandfather passed away in 2019, Nicos provided us with their cremation services. Last month, my baby passed away and my mother suggested we go to Nicos. They were so gracious to my family when we lost my grandfather, that I trusted them to care for my son. Thank you for being so compassionate to me and my son’s father. The grief of losing a child never really goes away, but Nicos made it a little easier for us.
From the first very early morning phone call, Nicos was nothing but professional, comforting and knowledgeable. The decisions and choices were overwhelming. He was patient and offered information to make choices a bit easier. We could feel that he genuinely cared to do the best he could for us as we were trying to do the same for our loved one. Nicos came highly recommended to us from hospice. We agree and highly recommend him having infinite gratitude for his help.
Nicos was absolutely the right choice to take care of my mother’s last wishes. The experience was seem less. He took care of everything there was not we as a family had to do but sign the paperwork. He is truly empathetic to this time in the lives of his patrons. I would recommend him to everyone I know. My mothers passing although expected we did not think it would happen as fast as it did and were not prepared. I call him in the am to let him know we may need him by late afternoon and he told us just let me know and I will be there. That kind of service In the immense grief we were experiencing meant a lot to my family… Thank you Nicos and Genny.